The Four Parts to the Self


we have four parts to the self the mindthe body the subconscious and the souland each one of these parts is differentthey are separate and independent fromone another they interact with oneanother and we are all of them so thedifference between the four parts firstof all I think the easiest way toexplain it is in my book quantum warriorthe future of the mindI’ve given mythic titles to each of thefour parts and these mythic titles whatthey did they represent psychologicalaspects it explains the functions ofthem first of all the mythic title ofthe mind is Weaver of the patterns andwhen I say Weaver of the patterns what Imean is that it thinks thoughts and youmight say well why don’t you just saythat it thinks thoughts I mean isn’tthat easier yes and no yes it defines itperhaps clearer but when I say Weaver ofthe patterns what that does is thatevokes imagery and imagery helps usunderstand its functions so we areconnected to the energy web a field ofenergy of everything and what the minddoes is through thinking thoughts itweaves patterns of energy the secondmythic title of the mind is its guardianto the gates of the subconscious andthis is a very important function andit’s one that people really don’tunderstand at allthey said well why do you have to guardagainst what happens with thesubconscious well very simply is thatevery thought that you think is a forceof energy and when thoughts are repeatedover and over and over again whathappens is they take an imprint into thesubconscious so when you repeatsomething to yourself either positive ornegative and you do it over a number ofdays and months and and you focus on itand you think about it and you repeat itthat’s going to take an image into thesubconscious now if it’s a positivestatement if it’s something supportivefor you great fabulous in fact that’swhat you should be doing but if it’ssomething very negative like I’m gettingold my health isn’t I guess I can’texpect good health from here on in orI’m never going to get ahead financiallyor G is almost impossible to get arelationship or whatever negative imageyou are repeating to yourself if yourepeat it enough it goes to thesubconscious and as you see shortly whenI get into the mythic titles of thesubconscious that’s not what you want sothat’s why we call it Guardian to thegates of the subconscious is when themind understands that what it does is itbecomes the minds responsibility to makesure that it thinks only the highestquality thoughts the mythic title of thesubconscious is that it is holder of thepatterns and notice that the mind is theweaver of the patterns but thesubconscious is the holder of thepatterns and as I just stated as yourepeat something over and over againwhat happens is it will take a patterninto the subconscious and thesubconscious will hold that and not onlyhold itwill vibrate it it will become part ofwho you are it becomes a livingenergetic an active energetic inside youand as the second mythic title of thesubconscious is that it’s communicatorwith the web and so what happens is thatwhatever images whatever beliefswhatever energetics you have resonatingwithin you on a subconscious levelthat is going to communicatevibrationally out to the energy web andattract the people the circumstances thesituations that matches the images thatyou have within and the third mythictitle of the subconscious is that it isthe engine of our success and so if wewant success in our life and youeverybody wants success of some typethen what you want to do is you want toget your subconscious working for youbecause it is the engine of success nowthe body the body has its mythic titlesto the one mythic title of the body isit is the feeling knowing one and timeand space and what do I mean by thatit’s not it’s all very mysterious wellfirst of all the bodies in time andspace now the mind can transcend timeand space and but the body cannot thebody is here now it is in time and spaceand it’s the feeling knowing one there’sgreat wisdom in the body the hermetictraditions calls the body condensedwisdom and when we were learn to workwith body wisdom when we learned totrust our feelings our intuitions thenwhat will happen is our body will workfor usand give us very valuable informationand that brings us to the second mythictitle of the body and that is it isnavigator to our destiny now a lot ofpeople make a big mistake in thinkingthat they’re going to find their destinyby their mind I mean what’s my destinytrying to figure out trying to figureout what your destiny is and yourpurpose and meaning in your life yourmind can never tell you what yourdestiny is in fact it will only misleadyou if you follow your mind only onepart of you can navigate to your destinyand that is your body and you find yourdestiny by following what feels rightand when you follow what feels rightthen that’s what leads you to yourdestiny and then the final part of whowe are is our soul and the soul themythic title of the soul is the awakenedheart and that might sound a little bitlike a misnomer shouldn’t the awakenedheart be in the body but know what it isis that how you awaken your soul is byawakening your heart and that gives youa key as to exactly what the soul is isthe soul longs to serve and be withothers to be one with others and ourmind may conceptualize this but it canonly have it as a concept the body canfeel it and the soul knows it and so thegreat challenge the great opportunitythat we have as human beings is toawaken our soul and when we awaken howwe awaken our soul is by awakening ourheart and when we awaken our heart andlove one another and serve one anotherand respect one another and feel ouroneness with one another then we’reawakening our soul and our soul willguide us in all aspects of our life avery very powerful part of who we areit’s not spiritual it’s not mysticalit’s not religious it’s a function ofthe human being so we have these fourparts mind body subconscious and soulwhere extraordinary beings ofconsciousness and energy and what wewant to do is get all these four partsaligned and functioning together then webecome an authentic human being